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Serving the jewelry community with financial tools, shipping solutions, and service by quality people.

We are STAR 8

The Most Powerful Payment Tool Right In Your Pocket

STAR8Wallet is your no-limit digital payment platform that makes sending and receiving funds quick and easy. With a network of trusted jewelers like yourself, you'll get access to funds instantly so you can buy and sell, instantly.

Unlimited Transactions with No Fees!

STAR8Wallet can help your business save hundreds if not thousands on wire and banking fees from your regular banking. Using our wallet puts YOU in control of your money 24/7/365 and ZERO per transaction fees.

Ship Insured for up to $50,000 for as low as $22 Per Package

STAR8Wallet now features STAR8Ship, a powerful, integrated insured shipping benefit that lets you ship Standard Overnight via FedEx® and instantly cover up to $50,000 in declared value for a base processing fee as low as $22 per shipment.

Who are we


STAR 8 was founded by former Owner and Founder of Parcel Pro, Joseph Lam. Over the course of his nearly two decade tenure in the industry, Joseph wanted to find solutions that helped jewelers, watch traders and luxury goods professionals alike. This is where STAR 8 comes in to provide financial and technical solutions specifically tailored to make everything easier and more efficient.


"STAR 8 is here to provide integrated solutions that let you work at your best"

Joseph Lam, President & CEO, STAR 8 Financial

STAR 8 gives you the FIRST and ONLY Tech-Driven Payment and Logistics Solution with STAR 8 and STAR 8+.

Buy and Sell with No Limits powered by STAR8Wallet

STAR8Wallet is powerful and easy to use. It brings you financial and transactional freedom to buy and sell anytime, anywhere, without the limitations ACH, Wires and high fees from traditional banking. Use your available STAR8Wallet balance to flip merchandise instantly between trusted buyers and sellers on our STAR 8 Member network**.

** STAR8Wallet allows for unlimited wallet to wallet transfers with an active available balance. Conditions and withdrawal limits apply. Transfers are subject to approval.

Two Subscriptions with Endless Possibilities

Send and receive money with NO Per Transaction costs and no withdrawal fees. Ship your high value goods Standard Overnight with coverage up to $50k per shipment in declared value with STAR8 and STAR8+ Subscriptions. Starting at just $99 a month*, we give you the power to transact anytime with the protection and coverage you need to get your items safely.

*STAR8 and STAR8+ Subscriptions start at $99 and $199 respectively.  Coverage is based on each shipment. Processing fees are paid based off On-Demand Usage as defined by our Terms & Conditions. Additional accessorial charges apply.

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Send your high value shipments as low as $22 a shipment with up to $50k in coverage.

With our new STAR8Ship benefit, you'll be able to ship all of your packages for a processing fee of just $22 per package* via FedEx Standard Overnight. We cover your shipments by our partner and worldwide leader in Insurance, Howden®. We also work to get your claims processed and handled in as little as 3 business days. That's support.

How it works

We work hand in hand with the best. So you're backed by the best.

STAR8 was built by experts and veterans of the jewelry, watch, insured shipping, and luxury goods industries. Combining all of these relationships and years of evolution and experience has allowed us to build lasting and powerful partnership with leading companies such as The Reserve Trust Company™ for all of your transactions, Acuant® IdentityMind™ for security, and FedEx® and Howden™ for shipping and insuring all of your high value goods. Together we integrate and power the next generation of products that help jewelers, watch traders, and more run at their best.




Advent of Time

"No headaches, easy to use, and instantaneous. This is the way of the future. No more banking headaches and amazing service. I trust all of my business with STAR 8"


Ronsol Enterprises

"Saving money on shipping and on transactions? STAR 8 is the best value in the jewelry industry, hands down."


World Wide Traders

Innovation never stops at STAR 8. Combining the best of insured shipping and the most powerful buying tool ever made for jewelers, this is THE solution for the jewelry industry.


Every transaction and every shipment is precious to us.

We treat every transaction on STAR8Wallet and every shipment through STAR8Ship like our own. Because that's how it should be. We're here to provide services to jewelers, watch traders, luxury goods retail, and more because we know the industry inside and out - so we carefully handle everything like our own. Everything we create at STAR8 is designed to create added benefits for you and your business. We overhauled the traditional, cumbersome way of things to a modernized-by-technology, simpler to use, and more affordable STAR8 way.

a proud member of these fine industry establishments

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